Magazine Articles Van Cor Threads:

These are trade, industry and other publications. More of these will be written.

Reinventing the Thread: How the Van Cor Threads are Revolutionizing Connections Sea Technology, June 2016

American Fastener Journal online magazine Invention & Patent News: Van Cor Threads with Total Surface Contact

Conic Thread Geometry 3.5 was published in the American Fastener Journal, September/October 2014.

Concentric Thread Principals American Fastener Journal March/April 2013.

Wave Thread Principles was published in the American Fastener Journal, Sept/October 2012.

Why is the Wave Thread Important" US Fastener Report, June 2012

UMass Engineering class project This is an article about a UMass engineering class of graduate students that used the wave thread to test their skills at Finite Element Analysis July 2011