Papers on Van Cor Threads:

Invention and Engineering: An overview of what these threads are, where they can be used and the ongoing projects. (2014)

Student writing and publishing project: an invitation to write and publish trade and industrial magazine articles (2014)

Basic Wave Thread Principles - How it works (2012)

Pipe applications: Wave thread applied to pipes; a quick connect high pressure application; Eudinei Elbow is multi-angle connection; temple connector is doubled sealed and bi-directional mechanically locked connection. (2011)

Containers: an overview of applications. This is a quick look at the conic and wave thread applications for glass, metal, or plastic lids on jars, bottles or any containers. (2010)

Electrical connections and ideas on electronic applications (2009)

Early experiments in axial and surface wave threads: photos of axial models with 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75-degree conic angles. An axial wave can produce a thread that will grip and hold at a high angle. Surface wave threads: photos of 15, 30 and 45-degree conic angles. A surface wave is always a wave generated on the surface. It looses its ability to grip and hold with cone angles above 45-degrees. The axial wave is more versatile so the surface wave has not been used. (2009)

Series 78 photos of models with a variety of wave thread tools. (2010)

How to Make a Concentric Thread: The simple concept of a shape with concentric shapes added and rotated. (2010)

Jigar Patels was a PhD ME candidate at UMass in Amherst, MA. This is about the Finite Element Analysis studies of the wave threads. Jigar worked with me to refine the wave thread design for tensile strength. This is Jigar's power point presentation and notes he used that got him a job as a structural engineers. (2013)

Why it is called a Wave Thread:This shows the two waves: profile and lateral waves. The software builds the wave thread with lateral waves.

Conic thread basics: My first thread that is very similar to a tapered thread but has total surface contact. It is the orientation of the thread, not the profile that is unique.

Conic thread geometry:Edited by Dr. Ron Tourgee, mathematician and computer science professor, Keene State College Emeritus. This is the mathematics of the conic thread and the proof of the difference between the conic and tapered thread.